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Hi My Name is Arrow


This is Arrow. She is about 6-8 years old. Lab mix, possibly with Boxer. She has special needs because of paralysis in her rear legs. Make no mistake that does not keep her from getting around. She is able to hop around the house with ease. She has a wheel chair as well so that she can go for walks and play in the yard. When she has her wheels on she is a fast mover that likes to go go go. She has fit in perfectly with our 3 dogs and 2 cats in the home. She loves to play ball and catches and releases the ball on command. She knows other things like lay down come stop. Basic things. She is quiet as well. Very few things cause her to bark. She enjoys hanging out in the yard and even with other dogs barking she will not bark. And snuggles. She loves to sit and lay at your feet. Her favorite thing is to have her head and ears scratched. She will come when called and listens very well. She sleeps through the night with no trouble. We have seen no signs that she wants to tear anything up.


Now to her needs and how they are actually easy to meet. She can wear a medium size doggy diaper. Although we typically only use that over night or while at work. It is important to use a baby powder and a baby wipe after using the diaper. While at home she stays on the first floor that is all hard wood. She can get around with ease. She has a doggy bed to lay on and likes bones. We find that giving her a regiment works great. Feeding twice a day. She will usually use the bathroom within 10 minutes of eating. She has regular movements so it’s easy pick up. After drinking she will typically pee. We put a small pad down while she drinks inside, and that makes any clean up easier. Plus we make sure she gets drinks while outside so that we need not worry about clean up. We have found so far that any clean up has been less than we ever did with a puppy. For more info on Arrow, contact her foster dad, Steve at 702-530-7732 and complete an interest application at below.


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