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Meet Mumu!

White - With Black
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Good With Dogs
Shots Current
Spayed Neutered
The world is asking, "Who is Mumu?" If you want in on the bottom floor, get to know this saucy, senior, special-needs girl.

Quick facts about Mumu:
- Codename: Muums
- 10 years old and weighs roughly 12 lbs
- Has 3 teeth, all next to each other
- Is the embodiment of love
- Will have a contest with your cat to find the highest spot on the couch to lie on and survey her kingdom
- Loves bacon jerky and cheese
- Likes lo-fi music
- Is a Cleric and a Wizard who specializes exclusively in healing by affection
- Her theme music is "Stayin' Alive" and she will groovy-walk down the street at a speed that may shock you and will definitely burn calories
- Loves to play; is spry enough to be in a Mighty Dog commercial

What's that, you say? You want to know more? Of course you do!

Mumu wants to love you. She wants to be with you and will loudly complain if you are on the other side of a baby gate or a bathroom door and she can't physically touch you. For the first few days, she will likely detest being alone or separated from her person. We are working on her separation anxiety and she's made progress! When she is with a person she's comfortable with, they are her sun and moon. She is quite empathetic and is quick to notice and try to soothe distress. Mumu is the ultimate lap dog. She is happiest when she is curled up with someone who has affection to give, and she will give it right back. At bedtime, she's like the stuffed animal you wish could hug you back.

Due to her lack of teeth, Mumu has to eat soft food and treats. It's easiest to feed her via a spoon or by hand, so familiarity and comfort with goopy fingers are a huge plus. At this time, we are working with her on her separation anxiety and her habit of barking at random noises. She is taking quite well to the "quiet" command, and will be extra-quiet for that bacon jerky. In fact, she won't be able to tear her eyes away from it.

Mumu does well on a leash with a harness, and loves to go for walks. In the case of inclement weather, not feeling well, or zombie apocalypse, she is also excellent at going on potty pads. She knows sit, stay, lie down, jump up, give kisses, heel, come here, wait, and "I'm gonna getcha!" At the same time, she can be quite stubborn and she's very smart, and may be keeping a tally of how many times she tricks the humans. She gets on well with other dogs and with cats but will not tolerate any disrespect or shenanigans. Mumu is indifferent to rabbits and cares only for the contents of their water dish.

This long-legged loving lady would do well in a home with women, and where she won't be left alone for long periods of time. She tolerates men outside and in their own spaces, but she's not interested in having any in her home. We are working with her on that, but it's a process and she may never be comfortable living in the same home with a man or boy. While she appears to be alright with older children, a home with only adults or perhaps older teenagers would be best for her. A good match would have the wherewithal and patience to continue working with her on her rough areas and spend the time and care that she needs. All the world wishes they had a Mumu in their life, so if you'd like The Original Mumu, contact us at 702-239-7986.

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