• Size:Small 25 lbs or less
  • Age:Adult
  • Sex:Male
  • Neutered/Spayed:Yes
  • Shots Up to Date:Yes
  • Breed:Chihuahua Mix
  • Color(s):Tan/Yellow/Fawn

My Story

  • About Me:Meet Peanut! Peanut is Love and Legs !!! This little guy is nervous at first so a calm home will help him adjust. It will probably take him several days to relax and show his true self, but when he does you’ll see just how awesome he is. He loves to snuggle with his head your lap, squeezed into a little ball by your side or under a soft blanket. He is slowly becoming more dog friendly with each day. Just like with the people he meets Peanut needs time to warm up to new dogs as well. In just a few days he has started to fit in with the pack and enjoys following them around. He seems to be housetrained. He has had two accidents and both were at the back door so a doggie door may help. He has a very unique bark and is unlike any bark we’ve ever heard. We love it ! Peanut is nervous when new people come into the home and will bark and growl at them when they arrive. Your guests will need to go slow and allow him time to calm down. Hopefully once he is in a new home where he feels safe and receives positive training this behavior will calm down. This cute boy is 2 years old and weighs 14lbs. Peanut is a Chihuahua mix but may be mixed with Italian greyhound or Whippet due to his long legs! For additional info please contact his foster mom at 702-619-9774

Dog Information

  • House Trained:No
  • Crate-Trained:No
  • Good with Dogs:No
  • Good with Kids:No
  • Good with Cats:No
  • Not Good with Dogs:No
  • Not Good with Kids:No
  • Not Good with Cats:No
  • Has Special Needs:No
  • Requires an Experienced Owner:No