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Fostering FAQs

  • Q:What am I responsible for financially?
  • A:Your responsibilities mainly center on caring for and feeding the animal. A Home 4 Spot pays for all reasonable medical costs, provided no negligence was involved. In addition, if a foster parent cannot afford food, our organization will provide it.
  • Q:How long do you usually have a foster dog before it gets adopted?
  • A:Foster times vary, usually lasting from one week to six months.
  • Q:What does fostering a canine involve?
  • A:Foster parent responsibilities include:
    • Feeding and providing water for the dog.
    • Exercising the animal.
    • Bringing the animal to at least two adoption events per month.
    • Within the first week of fostering, sending us three pictures of the dog, along with a bio.
    • Setting up any requested meet and greets with potential adopters.
  • Q:Do I have to attend adoption events? I work on weekends or it’s my time with my family.
  • A:You or a friend/family member must bring your foster dog to adoption events at least twice per month. We want to find them a new home!
  • Q:What if I decide I want to adopt my foster dog myself?
  • A:You can do that.
  • Q:What are the adoption fees on the dogs and is it a set fee?
  • A:There is not a set fee. The fees generally run from $200 – $400, depending on the breed and medical condition.
  • Q:f my foster dog doesn’t get along with my personal dogs, what should I do?
  • A:Please contact Diana England at 702-239-7986
  • Q:What if the dog does not work out in my home as a foster?
  • A:You will need to provide A Home 4 Spot with at least three days’ notice, in order to give the organization time to find a new foster home without incurring special veterinarian boarding fees.
  • Q:Do I have to crate my foster dog? I don’t like to and never have used a crate for my own dogs.
  • A:We strongly advocate crating. Not only is it a good potty training tool, crating gives the dog a sense of security and a place they can call their own. It also makes the animal a more attractive candidate for adoption.
  • Q:How much and how often should I feed my foster dog?
  • A:Please feed the animal twice a day – once in the morning and again in the early evening. Please read the back of dog food labels for recommended amounts.
  • Q:Can I take my foster dog to the dog park and other public places not related to A Home 4 Spot events?
  • A:Yes, as long as they are socialized, comfortable around crowds and other animals, and you have control of the dog.
  • Q:Who do I contact and where do I take my foster dog if they need to go to the vet?
  • A: Cheyene Tonopah  Animal Hospital North Rancho Rd  is the vet that A Home 4 Spot pays for. Their phone number is 702 – 645-3036


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