Success Stories- Happy Dog Tales


Little Buddy

Lil Buddy and his new mom. He has had a very busy week.

First, he was thrown from a car and saved by an angel, and just a few days later, he is now in his forever home.

Little Buddy with his new mom



Joe_oct2015_1 Joe_oct2015_2



Joe has landed a forever home with an amazing Dad! Happy life little dude!






Axle_foreverHomeLooks like someone took over the house?!?! Congrats handsome Axle…We love updates!!! Please post yours! Here is what his mommy updated us with.. Just wanted to say thank you and Diana again for finding us our new son, Axle! It’s been two weeks and he definitely has become family. Even our other adoptee, Clyde, has welcomed him into the family. Yes, there are potty mistakes, flower stomping, howling when we leave, and sometimes he becomes a permanent fixture on my leg. We know with a lot of love, attention, patience, boundary setting and training, he will bring much joy to us.








Snoopy_sept_2015Yay for Snoopy, he got adopted today by a stable forever family and lifelong friends of his foster mom, Misty Rose! He has a big yard and a golden retriever brother named Tucker. Misty Rose is so happy because she will be able to continue to see Snoopy! Great job Misty Rose, you are awesome and congratulations to Snoopy!











Miss Lulu went to her forever home today. Congrats to Robert and Fonda on their new addition!











Another Adoption Success story for Kash, a 1 year old American Bulldog mix. Kash stole the hearts of many within A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue family, but when he went to his foster family, that love just continued to grow, so they have adopted Kash! This match is beyond perfect, congratulations to Kash and his wonderful new family!









Sassy's family

Sassy was dumped at a local dog park and picked up by animal control to end up at Lied.  She had been listed as “rescue only” due to a simple small wound on her back and a urinary tract infection.  A Home 4 Spot rescued her and she is so sweet and loving.  Jerry and Beverley had been searching for the right dog for awhile after losing their dog to cancer and when they saw her it was love at first sight. She will no longer be left behind or wonder where her humans are ever again thanks to her new mom and dad. Happy Tales/Tails







Hey Jude, don’t make it bad take a sad song and make it better…Thanks to an amazing family and A Home 4 Spot animal rescue this adorable little guys story ends very happy.  Jude a 4 month old Cattle dog/Corgi mix, was rescued from a local kill shelter back in March of this year, as he was listed for having a lame leg. Once in his foster home we realized his leg ha d use, but he did limp on it. It was also discovered by a vet we use for the rescue that poor Jude had  pneumonia and may not IMAG1092-1pull through. Being the strong amazing pup he is he pulled through. A few weeks later an amazing boy named Dax fell in love at first sight with little Jude. His family adopted Jude for Dax in April for his Bar Mitzvah present. In the mean time Jude went and spent weekends with his new family and stayed in his foster home some of the week. While visiting his forever home his leg became worse, so he went to the vet and it was discovered the poor dog had a bullet in his leg. We had the bullet removed and Jude was on the mend. On May 4th, Jude went to his forever home and is now living Happily Ever After!


gizzy 3

Gizzy was rescued by A Home 4 Spot (Thank you Amanda), after being found on the streets of Las Vegas with a stab wound in the shoulder and thus taken to a High Kill Animal Shelter.

A Home 4 Spot came to the rescue, had him fixed up,  and brought him to safety.  Having been supporting A Home 4 Spot from the outside, I decided to foster this sweet baby.  I took him to adoption events and home visits but in the end he became part of my heart and now family. Gizzy is a sweet 9 lb Chiweenie who is “Mr. Personality”  He loves to play play play and his best friend is our rescue cat, Ty.  They are currently training for an audition on “Wrestlemania”…lol.  Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, Diana and Amanda for seeing the potential and saving so many medical needs dogs in Las Vegas.  I <3 Gizmo!!!  ~Cindi










Neff (now aka Oliver)finds a new permanent home with the Muliqueen’s: Michael and Irene with Oliver(Neff)in the backyard. Oliver will have a new playmate Lola, Michael and Irene’s other dog.











Molly with her new family. Stephanie’s son Zack is autistic. They’ve always had Cocker Spaniels, which have been therapeutic for him. Zack is home all the time so Molly will never be alone.













A Note From LaRue McCay;


Here is Barnaby and Wilbur on the Radio with me Today promoting adoption, a home 4 spot, and animal rights everywhere. FYI Wilbur has gone to the dog park 3 days in a row with GREAT success in meeting new dogs without attacking…happy dance!












Cherry found her forever family/home today! She was adopted by a mother and daughter at the Petco event on Serene/Eastern. They said that they came in to buy a hamster but left with Cherry instead 🙂 Seems like a great family and their smiles say it all!








How it all began





My friend lives in mexico and she told me about 2 dobies that were living in small cages in mexico. I told her to find out how much we could buy there freedom for. Well she got the guy down to 200 dollars and the next day, she was on her way to meet us in California. We were unsure with what to do with them until we found another local rescue. They were our first, and inspired what we do today.