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Budget-Friendly Guide to Caring for Your Animal Companion as He Ages

We’d all love for our animal companions to stay young and healthy, but there will come a day when our pets begin to slow down and display some physical, behavioral, and mental signs of aging. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), signs of an aging dog include physical changes like eye cloudiness, bad breath, weight fluctuation, and incontinence—while behavioral and mental signs range from confusion and anxiety to changes in activity levels. As for cats, some major signs of aging include changes to their appetite, digestion, behavior, mobility, and skin, coat, and nails.

While it can be worrisome to watch our pets grow older, it’s important to address signs of aging as soon as they appear. By doing so, we can give our animal companions the specialized care they need as they grow older—helping them to age as gracefully and comfortably as possible. For some budget-friendly tips on caring for an aging pet, read on.

Purchase Senior Pet Products for Less

Aging can be challenging for humans and pets alike, but the right types of products and supplies can help to make the process of growing older a bit more comfortable. With the following products and supplies for your senior pet, your animal companion will look and feel his very best as he navigates the next stage of his life:

  • An orthopedic bed or pillow for added comfort and support

  • A pet ramp or stairs

  • Rubber booties or toe grips

  • A support and lifting harness

To save money on these new products and supplies for your senior pet, look online for discount codes and coupons before placing your order. When shopping online at retailers like Petco, PetMate, and PetSafe, for instance, you can earn cashback on your purchases and use promotional codes and coupons to spend less on these helpful new items.

Make Medication Administration a Breeze

As your animal companion grows older, you may need to give him one or more prescription medications to keep his symptoms, pain, and discomfort under control. While administering medication to a pet can be a challenge, the following tricks can help to make it a bit easier:

  • Make a DIY pill pocket that hides the medication from your pet

  • Hide a pill or capsule in the center of your pet’s favorite canned food

  • When possible, opt for flavored liquid medications over pills or capsules

Lower Vet Bills with a Pet Insurance Policy

As your pet grows older, he may require prescription medications, more frequent vet visits, and specialty care—especially if he’s afflicted with diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, arthritis, or another type of ailment. However, a pet insurance policy could help you to save thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and allow you to give your aging animal companion the specialized treatments he needs to make the most of his senior years. According to NBC News, the average monthly insurance premium for a 12-year-old dog ranges between $37 and $47 if you purchase a policy through budget-friendly insurers like Trupanion and Healthy Paws.

Spoil Your Pet with DIY Treats

While store-bought pet treats can be expensive to purchase, many also contain additives or ingredients that could upset your pet’s stomach, hurt his gums, or exacerbate symptoms of some medical conditions. However, you’ll save money and control the kinds of ingredients your pet consumes if you make your treats at home. Soft treats are great for aging canines with gum issues, while dogs and cats alike can enjoy frozen banana slices, dried sweet potatoes, or frozen bone broth.

Financial Assistance Is Available

Caring for an aging pet can be costly, but help is available if you’re struggling to give your animal companion the veterinary attention he needs. Contact an animal organization near you to determine whether you’re eligible for veterinary assistance.

As your furry companion grows older, he may require a bit more care than he did in the past. However, these budget-friendly tips will help you to give your senior pet everything he needs to make the most of his Golden Years. If the tables were turned, you know your companion would do the same for you.

Article by Brandon @Furandfeathers.info

Photo by Jean Alves from Pexels