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Packing Up to Move with Pets: 10 Tips

Moving can be both exciting and stressful for you and your pets. It pays to be prepared, and while it’s not possible to cover every possible scenario, planning ahead can help. Check out these tips for home buying plus packing up and moving with a pet in tow.

Find Your New Home Fast

Knowing what you’re looking for in a new home can speed up the homebuying process. But streamlining the experience is essential when you and your pets need to get moving.

  • List your priorities and know what to look for when seeing houses in person.
  • Be cautious about touring homes while under COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Look for signs of pet-friendliness near each property you visit.

Ease Your Animals into the Move

Whether you’re a dog owner, a cat person, or something else entirely, ensuring a smooth transition is the healthiest option for your pet.

  • Walk your dog in the new neighborhood before moving to help them acclimate via smell.
  • Prepare to be a good neighbor and pet parent when meeting your new community.
  • Give your cat a place to hide and chill out where they can feel safe, like an empty moving box.
  • Take steps to prevent your pet from getting out and becoming lost in your new town.

Settle in Together

Once you’re in your new place, it’s time to make it feel cozy. Most pet parents agree that to make a house a home, all you need is a pet. But try these ideas for even more comfort.

  • Create a calm area for your pet to spend time during and after the move.
  • Stick with your old routine — or gradually start a new one — so your pup knows what to expect.
  • Think about upgrades you can add to make Fido feel at home.

Buying and moving into a new place is a big step for you and your beloved pet. These tips can help make the process easier, but you’ll still need plenty of patience and quality time with your furry friend. To learn more about navigating life with your dog or get information about pet adoption, visit A Home 4 Spot.

Article by Brandon @Furandfeathers.info

Photo via Unsplash