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Meet the crew of guineas we have for adoption! If you are adopting a single male to pair with another boar, please be prepared to have 2 separate cages. Before inquiring, please do some basic research to make sure you have room and time for a guinea. Make sure you understand dietary needs as well. Guineas are considered “exotic” pets, and not all vets will take them. Vetting can be required unexpectedly and can be expensive. Guineas should not be the sole responsibility of a child. We are more than happy to help if you have questions before and after adoption! Before adopting, you will need to provide pictures of your set up and answer some questions. There is an adoption fee as well. We only adopt to adults. Please don’t have your child text us. If you are interested in meeting and adopting a Guinea or two, want to see more pics, or have a question, please text us at (702)366-6391. Male Pairs: Lenny and Apollo- Rescue favorites! These are our chonkiest, most friendly and easygoing boys. These boys chose each other and have loved being paired ever since Apollo knocked the barrier down in their cage. We’ve had these boys for almost 2 YEARS! They deserve a home! Lenny allows pets in the cage, while Apollo is more shy. These boys could be about 4-5 years old. Truffle and Oscar- These two are fun and like to play and popcorn. They came from separate situations but have enjoyed being together. Both take treats from your hand and love pea flakes! Truffle is about 2 years old, and Oscar is 1 year. Brownie and Marshmallow- These boys are sweet and like being with each other. It takes a few minutes to warm up to being held, but they settle nicely and enjoy ear and head rubs. They are about 4 years old. Booker and Andy- almost 2 years old. They were adopted from us at 5 weeks old and returned due to their adopter having no space or interest. These boys are very handsome and shy at first. They are starting over and hopefully find the best dedicated family! Single Males: Snow- came from ”the list” at our local shelter. He’s been nothing but a good boy here. All his siblings were picking on him in the shelter, and he came to us with healing wounds. He’s interested in other guineas, but we haven’t found one that’s a perfect match yet. Snow is 2 years old. He’s very skittish about handling, but with slow calm movements and a soothing voice he will cuddle in for snuggles. He has a funny personality and is quite handsome! He tends to be an escape artist! Ernie- Ernie is 1 year old. He has a unique pattern and is very handsome! He will come to the cage to accept treats. He’s a bit skittish about being picked up, but once he is, he enjoys a cuddle. Sammy- Sammy is a 1 year old and is an energetic guy! Sammy is learning that being held is a good thing. He’s being fostered in a classroom. Even though he’s younger, he hasn’t wanted to bond with other males. He will chat through the bars though. Gouda- This guy is about 1.5 years old. He came in with a buddy but ended up being quite a bully. He prefers to be a gridmate. He’s skittish about being picked up at first, but once he is, he settles down. He likes lettuce but won’t touch cilantro! He is shy with people until he trusts you. Gouda is being fostered in a classroom to help him get used to people. Batman- About 2 years old- he’s an Aby with adorable cowlicks. He’s friendly and loves nose pets. If you sit on the floor, he’ll climb in your lap. He has not had a lot of interest in other males- he does well as a gridmate. Batman was abandoned at Petco. Arbuckle- about 2 years old, he was also abandoned at Petco. Arbuckle is currently on meds for an open wound/cyst. Once it is healed he’ll be available. He is sweet and loves kisses. Female Pairs: Rosemary and Cordelia- are a 6 months old and love hanging out together in their tunnel. If you want to hear their voices, grab a lettuce bag or some pea flakes! Rosemary came from a hoarding situation and Cordelia’s sister was adopted- so they became a perfect match. They are friendly girls and come to the cage to get snacks. They must be adopted together as they are great friends. Jazzy and Daisy- these two were owner surrenders. They are about 3-4 years old. They are vocal and Jazzy is especially friendly. Daisy is friendly and easy to handle. They love their veggies and make sure to remind you to remember them daily. They are good with kids and have been around them. Daisy is a special needs girl as she has severe arthritis in her back legs and will require meds for the rest of her life (which she takes very easily). Ivy and Iris- these two came from the local shelter. Iris (Mom) is likely just under a year old and Ivy was born June 5, 2023. These two are beautiful and love snacks and being together. They love tunnels, lettuce and sharing cucumber slices. Single female: Brownie Bite- Brownie Bite is 7-8 months old and is becoming more outgoing, especially when it comes to her snacks! She will come to the cage to accept treats and loves snuggling into your neck and hair. She doesn’t really like the process of being picked up, but once that’s over, she’s fine. Brownie Bite has not wanted to bond with other females we have tried; she is very bossy. Being a gridmate or finding a neutered male may work for her.