Meet NYNE- Courtesy Post!

Alaskan Malamute
Brown/Chocolate - with White
Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Shots Current
Spayed Neutered
NYNE Alaskan Malamute DOB 11/6/2018 Female / Spayed 702-503-8537 / 321-439-6868 HI! My name is Nyne and thank you for reading me resume. One of eight (8) siblings. I didn’t want to come out when I was born, and I was #9 so my human named me Nyne (pronounced Nine). You can call me Baby Nyne or Nyner too. I love people – just not my sister anymore (that’s why my humans need to find me a different home – they want it to be peaceful for us). If you have kids that’s cool – I love people. I am NOT fond of small dogs or other small animals (so please don’t say – oh my little dog gets along with all dogs – unfortunately, I don’t). I have a prey drive – that doesn’t make me bad just know me and don’t try to make me something that I’m not. I might be ok with other big dogs, but my humans aren’t sure. I am NOT a fan of the dog park and other dogs up in my face and sniffing me. I need to wear a harness if you want to take me out, as I will back out of a collar and then it’s off to the races. I’m a pretty good walker. I love the car and car rides with the window down – just a little bit of course – safety first. Take me for a pup cup and I will be your best friend. I’m not a fan of jumping in the car and I try to back out so I need a butt push to get in sometimes. Once I’m in though – I love it. I’m weird about walking through glass doors when I’m out and about and just need some gentle nudging. You know – we all have our fears. I’m a big love bug and you can find me on the couch sitting next to you. I like the bed too. Every morning I come up on the bed to say ‘hi’ to my human lady. I am an indoor dog – I don’t mind being outside and you can catch me suntanning and protecting the perimeter, but I like inside. I am doggy door trained. I am super quiet. I kind of grumble like a little old man but I don’t bark. I am low key for the most part. I eat salmon and potato food and don’t get free fed because that’s not good for my figure. I could probably adjust to a certain amount being put out every day but normally I eat around 4:30 during winter time and 5:30 during the summer. I’ll remind you just in case you forget. I’m a little crazy around dinner time so there’s room for improvement there. I LOVE to be brushed and you’d better be prepared to brush me. I will lay for hours just to be brushed. I have a favorite groomer in town who adores me – she says I fall asleep in the bath tub. I have a longer coat, so I need some extra special care. I’ve always had a pack and never been by myself – so I will need an adjustment period. Definitely a good idea to keep me in a kennel when you aren’t home. One time I ate the door frame when someone was puppy sitting me at their house (uh oh). I do like the kennel, and I’ll sometimes hang out in my friends kennel with the door open. I’m not a jumper (except to get on the couch) but I should still have a high fence to keep me safe. I live in a house with a large yard so I’m lucky that I have room to roam and do my thing. My human has been working from home the past couple of years so I am used to someone being home most of the time. Please no apartments – I’m not an apartment type dog. My humans will want to meet you and do a house check – you know because I’m an awesome girl and they want to make sure you are just as awesome as me!

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