Meet Ziggy 2!

Shepherd (Unknown Type)
Tan/Yellow/Fawn - with Black
X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
Good With Dogs
Shots Current
Spayed Neutered
Ziggy is a big, loving neutered boy, an Anatolian Shepherd mix, age about 7 years old. He is a gentle and affectionate beast, without being invasive - he respects your space, and that of all creatures around him. He is good with other dogs, with cats, and with children; but because he is so large, families with very small children might not be a good match. He has no aggression around toys or food or competition for attention or space. He loves physical affection - ear skritches, belly rubs, and all you can dish out - and he remains calm when he is getting love. He may tap you with his paw when he wants more attention. He is attentive and sensitive to your mood, and his past as an emotional support animal is evident - he is as gentle as the day is long, and you can hug him as tightly as you want. Overall, Ziggy is a healthy dog; but he does have some mobility issues stemming from arthritis or lower back disease. He should not live in a condo or a home with stairs. He likes light exercise in the form of walks and play in the yard. He loves to chase a ball, but if you have a second dog, he will defer to that one on who gets to bring the ball back. If you're interested in adopting please fill out an adoption interest form.

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