Arson Puppies

arson puppy

We wanted to reach out and give the following update on the arson puppy case. We still do not have the puppies in our care and we do not even know if we will get the puppies. This is up to a higher power, our court system, to decide the fate. However, we will continue to offer our support to help find the puppies a great home as soon as possible if given the chance. There was a bond that was paid on 3/12/2014 in the sum of $8000.00 which was raised in less than 24 hours by means of social media and word of mouth. To this we can not thank the public enough.

This $8000.00 was a good faith bond to pay for the cost incurred by The Animal Foundation for the care they provided for the puppies since they were brought to the shelter. We are continuing to work with Animal Foundation, and Mr. Thompson to come to terms as soon as possible so these puppies can get into qualified homes in the shortest amount of time.

At this point in time, we would really like to give a large thanks to Pinnacle Community Association Management for coming in today in our time of need and donating a rather large sum to help us with our endeavors.

 It is always nice to see business give back to our community and we are proud to call them our partner. So please if you can, reach out to them and say thanks!  Facebook Link:



If and when we get the puppies in our care, we will have a detailed explanation on how you can adopt one but we are not considering any applications for them at this time. Please do not send in an application for them because we still do not have them.