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Why Dogs May Be The Best Decision Your Office Makes

There are many good reasons why companies like Google, Amazon, and Etsy permit pooches in the office: dogs improve productivity, calm stress, and improve relationships, according to a review published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health. In a world in which deadlines, long days and work tensions can get in the way of team goals, bringing pets to work is an easy, affordable and small step that can make a big difference. Read on to discover a few of the recent findings on the benefits that dogs can have on employees.

Work Is More Satisfying With Canine Companionship

Dogs not only reduce stress in offices, but also help workers feel happier in their jobs, according to a study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. The researchers noted that stress is one of the biggest reasons why employees are absent. Simply having dogs at work can benefit workers by making them feel greater satisfaction than is the norm in their respective industries. One big reason, noted researchers, is “dog-related communication.” When one worker offers to take another’s pooch down for a walk, or both discuss the dog’s personality and quirks, it builds bonds – and these can have a very positive effect on teamwork in the long run.

Dogs Boost Task Performance

A study published by scientists at the American Heart Association measured the blood pressure and heart rate of individuals performing mental-arithmetic tasks under one of the three conditions: alone, in the presence of a spouse, or with a pet. Both before and during the tasks, heart rates and blood pressure were significantly lower when a pet was round than when a spouse was present. The pet group also achieved the best performances on the tasks. Previous research had already shown that the presence of dogs significantly lowers levels of salivary cortisol (a stress hormone). By lowering stress and keeping the fight or flight response at bay, people are better able to concentrate on their work, and feel a greater sense of calm while doing so.

Dogs As A Reason For Greater Social Interaction

Dogs increase the frequency of conversations between people, according to a 2015 study. People who might otherwise pass you by at your desk may stop to enjoy a little play with your dog. In the process, they may ask you questions, or even smile more. One study carried out in a nursing home found that through animal visitation, social interaction increased. Establishing a pet friendly workplace may also help you recruit top talent. In one study, college students were shown pictures of a workplace with a dog, a cat and no pets, respectively. They were then asked to imagine what it would be like to work in this office, and to rate their imagined satisfaction and mood. The students reported that in the office with a cat or dog, interactions between workers would be higher, and employees would have a higher job satisfaction.

If you have a dog-friendly office, then you are already benefiting in many more ways than you may have realized. Dogs calm workers down, help them focus, and can potentially help them feel happier in their current job. If you are thinking of bringing your own pooch to a dog-friendly environment, just take a few necessary precautions. Make sure he is vaccinated, treated against fleas and ticks, and well socialized. Your pooch should get on well with humans and canines alike, so that everyone in the office can feel safe, happy, and at peace.

Article by: Jane Anderson, a freelance writer, editor and dog owner

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/animal-canine-casual-chair-312599/