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Top Dog Festivals Across the Globe

For the millions of dog owners around the world, not being able to take your dog to fun outdoor events in the company of others can be a real bugbear, but you can still ‘roam around the world’ online, making a bucket list of dog-centered festivals to attend as soon as this is all over. In North America, the largest dog fest is Woofstock in Toronto — an ultra-fun day out for the whole family, featuring fashion shows, talent competitions, and a fantastic display of fashion items and toys for your pooch. If you are interested in taking to the skies and seeing another city or country while learning more about dogs and meeting other dog lovers, read on and discover some of the very best.

Barkus Parade (New Orleans, USA)

This parade is a super-fun take on Mardi Gras. Every year, it takes on a new theme, with some of the funniest being 2018’s Game of Bones: Barkus Marks its Territory, 2014’s Dogzilla, and 2012’s Mission Impossible: Canine Protocol. The event, founded in 1993, is held every year in February or March. Every event is reigned over by a canine King and Queen. The King is always purebred but the Queen can be mixed-breed. Around 1,500 pooches take part in the parade every year and more would do so. Numbers have been limited, however, to avoid canine chaos.

Goodwoof (Goodwood, the UK)

This is a beautiful festival held every year in May – a celebration of the Great Outdoors featuring agility activities, Flyball games, dog wellness talks and workshops, parades, and more. This event is also known for its chic ambiance, so definitely wear your coolest festival swag to impress your friends. Don a hat, put your dog treats in a stylish pocket belt, and up your sartorial wow factor. The event celebrates human beings as much as it does dogs and has many gorgeous places where you can take pics with your pooch. Thus, looking your best is key.

Diwali Day (Nepal)

The beautiful Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, takes place yearly in November or December and one day of the event is dedicated entirely to dogs. Colorful, fragrant garlands of flowers are draped around every dog’s neck. The garland – called Malla – represents dignity and respect for all dogs (those who have homes and those who don’t). On Kukur Tihar, people apply red marks to the dogs’ foreheads, symbolizing the acceptance of the righteous path. People also leave high-quality food for dogs in the streets to make them extra happy on their special day.

Pet Palooza Festival & Walk for the Animals (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

This is a great event that really hones in on the human-animal bond. It kicks off with a 2K fundraising dog with your pooch and keeps entertaining with agility demonstrations, competitions, and a beer garden. Best of all, all funds raised go to help pets in need. The event usually takes place in April.

Houston Pet Expo (Pasadena, Texas, USA)

Taking place around June every year, the Houston Pet Expo calls itself ‘the ultimate pet event,’ since it is jam-packed with fun things to do and see. For starters, there are a host of exhibitors, as well as pet speakers, talks, and pet demonstrations. Bring your pooch in for a free nail trim and meet a few pets needing a forever home. Exhibitors range from dog photographers to animal rescue associations, and pet hotel owners. 

You may be stuck inside as you read this but hopefully, sunnier days will come and you can start planning your vacations once again. If you love dogs, think about visiting a fun doggie festival, either in the USA or abroad. There is so much to learn about dogs and how to make their lives better. Of course, festivals are also a great reason to meet people and lift your swag with trendy festival gear.

Article by: Jane Anderson, a freelance writer, editor and dog owner

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash